Thursday, November 02, 2006

President Bush tells stories...

...of the secret Delta Force and hostage situations in Iraq:

"One of the stories– interesting stories I tell is about
the fellow that came here. He got kidnaped and he
was rescued pretty early by our Delta team. I said,
what's it like to be kidnaped, man? It must have been
weird – Baghdad, to be kidnaped. And he said,
yes – he said, I was in there with, like – I forgot the
number – nine other people from different nationalities.
He said, at one time I said, I'm going to get out and
you're – you're going to get out and I'm not. And all
these people said, well, that's a pretty pessimistic
thing to say. He said, well, my government won't
ransom me; yours will. And he was right. We weren't going to.

And sure enough, the Norwegian went for – I don't know
what the numbers are – but they made a nice little living,
because there was no – no push-back. There was no kind
of structure. And so these weren't necessarily political
people. These were people that just found a pretty good
niche for a while. Made a couple of million dollars, nobody
got hurt. And fortunately, our Delta teams found the guy,
and got him out of there. But it was just an interesting story.

Yes, sir.

Now.. the Norwegian government, the Norwegian Army and the Norwegian Foreign Secretary have never heard of a Norwegian having been kidnapped and have never paid any ransom.

No one has heard of this, and no one wish to comment on the American Presidents statements. It could simply be that he mixed up the nationalities or that the information he received wasn't accurate.

The point here wasn't the soldier who may or may not have existed. The point was the way President Bush tells stories - you gotta read r e a l s l o w if you want to understand even half of it..


  1. reader111:21 PM

    Hey well, i haven't understand what he said let me read it again :P

  2. reader211:31 PM

    Hey for the second time haven't understood anything , good i learned what ransom and niche means :D

  3. reader311:33 PM

    Hmm sounds like a complex story...


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