Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sexual harassment in junior high

I was reading an article in Norwegian newspaper BT about the increasing sexual harassment among teenagers in junior high school. The use of the term itself, sexual harassment, is criticized by many men who say touching a girl's breasts or groin isn't harassment, stating that; the girls themselves, wearing tight jeans and low cut tops, want guys to treat them that way.

The article itself is not shocking so you're not missing out on anything by it being in Norwegian. It was the comments that made me react;
  • All women like to be groped. If they say anything else they're just playing hard to get. (thor)
  • [women] are predators chasing men who should just be castrated so they don't constantly have to be abused by women who trick them because they think with their dicks during some weak moments. (kokken Tor)
  • Inside, all women are wh***s (Reidar)
  • I've had fat, 30 year older men come up to me, put their hand on my stomach and tell me "there's something here that needs to be edited way" while their own stomach is hanging down over the waist of their jeans... (Karen)
  • WTF? The ones being harassed are the boys! Talk about generalizing and ridiculing boys. Girls dress and play hot and dumb. They know which buttons to press to take advantage of the boys. (reykjavikur)

This is just a random selection of the comments but it's actually rather frightening; by far the majority of comments express opinions like these.

I'm amazed how many men secretly believe women are inferior to them; girls should accept classmates touching them; girls are only out for attention; girls are fair game, especially if wearing something tight; they expect and want guys to grope.

I'm sure these are just the most extreme opinions, and most of us are really rather fond of the opposite sex, but still... I gotta ask.

Do you resent the opposite sex?


  1. What do you expect from a bunch of barbarian decedents?

  2. True... we were once vikings, and people never cease to remind me :)

    But, to answer your question, it depends. Does one refer to the the original meaning of the word, used by the Greco-Romans to describe anyone speaking a foreign language (bar-bar)?

    Or, as it may be described today, the uncivilized people? In case one would refer to the latter I would argue that Norwegians have been civilized for hundreds of years before Americans became Californians or.. Oklahomans?

    So my answer would be - more. :)


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