Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gathering those loose ends

I'm adding a lot of people on Facebook these days. I know it'll probably be another one of those places that has a lot of fans, only to disappear in a couple years, never to be thought of again. But for once I want to try to keep in touch.

On there I'm not apples, I'm the real me. So if I've added you it means I care. At least a little. As a general rule I only add people I've met and want to meet again, so my circle of "friends" has been rather limited thus far.

Now is not any different - I'm adding the people I once knew, and hope to know once more. Or at least talk to once in a while. That includes people from home, family, high school, Uni, flatmates, Amnesty, Uganda, work, you name it.

There are plenty of people I can't find, not all are on there, but no matter. It's fun seeing what those I do find are up to these days :)

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