Friday, May 29, 2009


My flatmate. There's no other word for her. She's tall, thin, a brunette. She's gorgeous.

(sorry bout the copyrighted photo, I couldn't find one quite as perfected without the big X)

Right now she's on the veranda, wearing huge sun glasses (no, I'm not spying, my great view of the city also includes a great view of the veranda.. and their great view of me..) with a guy I can only assume is her boyfriend. Although not the boyfriend she had six months ago, I think this one is new.

He's wearing funny shorts and just took his shirt off.

...and there he put it back on...

I kinda feel sorry for the guy - all he must want to do is get her in the sack. And there he is, stuck out on our veranda. Reading. Pretending to concentrate. When all he can think of is getting her naked.

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