Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poll: Circumcision

Jews do it.
Muslims do it.
Apparently Americans do it.

Did you do it?

Any thoughts? Which is better?

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edit2: Please view the comments for more info and firsthand experience with circumcision. (not mine!)


  1. Your poll question does not match your question above, and that makes all the difference. What makes infant circumcision a human rights violation is that it is done to people who have the right to decide for themselves what healthy, erogenous parts of their own bodies they may keep.

  2. Well... the poll question was about whether you are circumcised or not, not whether you think it's right...

    The "what do you think?" in this post gives you the opportunity to express your opinion.

    I understand the human rights issue, but that would be an entirely different post :)

  3. Circumcision has been proven to reduce the risk of sexual disease transmission in males by 80%. While it may seem to be a custom specific to Judaism or Islam, it's more cultural than it is religious.

    It hurts like hell, but it's worth it. Especially when you learn that foreskin can shelter stuff a man is better off without.

    The trick is for a boy to undergo it early in age (the earlier the better ... from a year to 3 years) so that it heals quickly and the boy doesn't remember it.

  4. I'm not sure I agree that it's more specific to culture than to religion - in most countries the world over it goes hand in hand with religion. Female circumcision though, that's an entirely different matter.

    I know male circumcision reduces the risk of disease, but I still prefer my guys with their foreskin intact :)

  5. I don't know many Arab guys, Muslim or Christian, who are not circumcised. Maybe you know better :)

    You're entitled to liking your guys with foreskin since to each his own. Did you know that some guys are born circumcised? A young neighbor of mine was. :)

  6. Europeans don't get circumcised. Those that are Muslim or Jewish do, I'm sure, but Christians or those with other religions? Nope. Europeans are often very surprised (and most probably do not know) that Americans tend to get circumcised.

    As for being born circumcised - really? I find it kinda interesting that you know what your neighbours' dicks look like though :P

  7. I didn't know Europe needed extra skin ;)

    My neighbor is 4 years old. It was kind of pleasant news in my building when his mom confided that he was born circumcised, which would spare her the expenses of the procedure and the parties that usually follow. :)

  8. You celebrate cutting off a piece of your dick?!

    Don't take this in the wrong way but... Arabs are weird! :P

  9. Yeah, people are invited over and cakes are served, music played and everybody dances, etc.

    I remember dancing at my own circumcision party, not knowing what was in store for me. :p

    That evening was the last time I ever looked up when asked to see the bird! lol

    I think the party is to celebrate the boy's (physical) purification. Weird or not, the boy gets a lot of gifts and money. It's like a Bar Mitzvah, but at a way younger age. You just CANNOT circumcise a 13-year-old ... for obvious reasons! :p

  10. You have the party before? And you still remember it? You poor thing... :) How old were you?

    Do you believe that guys who aren't circumcised are impure? You personally, your religion...? If so, what does "impure" mean?

  11. I was about 3 or 4.

    The party lasts all day. in the evening, the boy is taken to the doctor's, gets his foreskin taken off, then back home where the party is still going on.

    You spend the next 3 weeks with no underwear on, and with your grandma rubbing fresh butter on your penis. lol And peeing is oh-so painful!

    From a religious point of view, I have no idea whether or not non circumcision is considered impure. Personally, I don't think uncut guys are impure at all. They just have 80% higher chances of contaminating their partner during unprotected sex.

  12. Well...I would argue that people who perceive themselves as unlikely or unable to contract or pass on STIs are more likely to have unprotected sex than those who are afraid of the consequences.

    20% is not the [close to] 0% you get with a condom - and where I'm from, we learn you should use one. Of course, the guys don't always like that, but when they find out it's all or nothing they always give in ;)

  13. I totally agree!

    Circumcised and well-endowed guys can cause problems, indeed. The former think they are immune because of circumcision, while the latter just can't help showing off.

    Result? These 2 are more likely to get and spread STIs.

    Just so you know, your comment moderation word verification for this comment was: CASTR ... ation? :p

  14. Whoa... are you saying guys with big dicks are more likely to spread STIs? Where did that come from?

    And yes, I've frequently noticed that the word verification seems to have a sense of humour :P

  15. The bigger the joystick, the more likely is the guy to throw tasting parties on its honor.

  16. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I would think it has more to do with personality than it does with simply how big your, well, joystick is...

    We can all only speak for ourselves though, and I don't have one - what do you think? Do you frequently throw tasting parties? :)

  17. I haven't met all the well-endowed men on the planet but, from what I have noticed on gay online profiles, is that MOST well-endowed guys are HIV+.

    "If you have it, flaunt it." seems to apply here. Except for me :)

  18. What I have noticed from online profiles is that guys tend to exaggerate quite a bit about the size of their equipment :)

    Plus, you can hardly say that those who present themselves, their size and HIV status online are representative of the entire population, can you?

    Just like it's usually the most attractive girls who are up for, shall we say, a good time, who post nude photos of themselves.

  19. And that's why I had said "most online profiles", and not "everybody". :)

  20. They're still not representative of the general population! :D

    I'll stop arguing and get to bed though, maybe someone will enlighten us with their thoughts tomorrow :)

  21. I shall do the same after I post one last entry for today. :)

    Been a pleasure.

    Night :)


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