Sunday, May 17, 2009

We won, We won, We won!!!

He did great at the ESC, better than in the semi, and Europe loved him!!

I did my best not to jinx it (not that I believe in that kinda stuff), but it could not matter any less.

He won by a landslide!

I honestly don't know what did it; when I watched him perform this night it was just... right. Everyone else said it was bad, he messed up, but I couldn't quite take my eyes and ears off him.

That has to be a good thing. And it was. I thought it was just my being Norwegian, but apparently there was something more there. Something Europe loved. Some kind of dream. Some kind of fairytale.

Expect more tomorrow - I'm not done yet!!

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  1. Ta kånjakken fram. Vi feire storslagent imårra. deta e grunn t å ta alle flaggan me ut i tåge imårra


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