Monday, May 25, 2009

Poll: Flags

Sometimes I link to articles in Norwegian newspapers, which is a little pointless for anyone who doesn't speak the language. So I thought it might be a good idea to indicate in the link which language the article is in, maybe with a tiny flag.

Of course that means it's indecision time - I just don't know whether to use a British flag or an American flag to indicated if the article is in English.


So I'm leaving it up to you.

Poll is on the right, please vote!


  1. English... comes from England...

    obvious really :)

    And, if you use the American flag, people might think you mean Spanish, before too long :)

  2. Good to know where your loyalties lie :P

    There are more English speakers in the US than in the UK though, that's why I'm not sure which one to pick...

    Although I could use an English flag... but unfortunately most people who don't watch football wouldn't recognize it :)

  3. Well use a flag of both uk and usa, uk on thetop diagonal and usa on the bottom or vice versa.


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