Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bergen Car Crash

I can't help but think, "Where's the rest of the car?!"

But that's it. It's all there.

It got crushed between a truck and the mountain side today. Miraculously the 33 year old woman driving the car sustained only minor injuries. The police says she must have a guardian angel - no one ever survives something like that.

I've never been in a car crash. The closest I've come was once when my dad backed into a tree, and once in high school during our russ celebration (our car was so robust you could barely see a scratch in the paint... the other car looked a little worse).

In the news you only really hear of the people who die in accidents so for once it's good to hear of one that went well. I can't imagine what it must be to be so close to dying, getting out of something like that alive, even without serious injuries... One of those life changing incidents, maybe?

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  1. Somewhere, there's an automotive engineer who's nodding his head.

    Even the best technology can only go so far.


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