Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hedgehog Sex

Apparently it is close to impossible to see, let along catch on tape, two hedgehogs having sex. But last week a man in Leikanger, Norway came home to find two of them go at it on his freshly mowed lawn.

Having sex with another hedgehog is supposed to be painful but the man said the male did not seem to mind (though he did have to take a few breaks), while the female seemed to experience some discomfort.

There is a saying which seems very appropriate in this case...

"Etter den søte kløe kommer den sure svie."

...which I'm not sure exists in English (at least I haven't been able to find it), but would be something like "after the sweet itch comes the nasty burning [sensation]".

Something like that (I suck at translating), but it seemed to fit for two hedgehogs going at it.

Check out the video at vg.no


  1. My google-fu is stronger than yours, little grasshopper!

    The official translation is; "After the sweet scratching comes the unpleasant smarting". Interestingly the Dutch got a very similar proverb, but in the exact opposite order and meaning of ours; "After the sour comes the sweet".

    If these proverbs say anything of the people from which they originate, we can asume Norwegians (and Danes who also have use the proverb) were traditionally moralistic and pious where as the Dutch were industrious and resolute. Then again, I guess proverbs have been made to cover all bases to empower the glib talker with the guise of wisdom. :)

  2. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I even learnt a new word - smarting. I can't remember having heard that one before :)

  3. You're welcome. Not often I get to practice my English nowadays anyway. :)

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  5. You could google it, that's all I know how to do...

    Or check these out;


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