Friday, February 06, 2009

More chat

NiceSpanker25M: Hi, do you like spankings?
apples: can't say I've tried it much
NiceSpanker25M: lol
NiceSpanker25M: you just gotta love when a girl says that
NiceSpanker25M: because it means
NiceSpanker25M: "I would like to try it!"
NiceSpanker25M: lol
apples: see this is why girls get raped - we say one thing and the guy just knows we mean something completely different :)
NiceSpanker25M: Nope thats not true thats just what guys who dont get it think
NiceSpanker25M: ask a girl something sexually and shell say
NiceSpanker25M: "Helllllllll NOOOOOOOO you freakin pervert!!!!!!!!"
NiceSpanker25M: if she means "no"
NiceSpanker25M: and if she means "yes"
NiceSpanker25M: shell say
NiceSpanker25M: "Maybe"
NiceSpanker25M: trying to be mysterious girl and all
NiceSpanker25M: lol
apples: you know, it really is guys like you who are the scariest
apples: doesn't matter how honest we are, you'll "know" we mean something else anyway
NiceSpanker25M: because I understand whats going on?
NiceSpanker25M: lol
NiceSpanker25M: lol
apples: because you think you do
apples: and nothing can change your mind

Why do guys do this and how can we change it?

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