Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Youth Model Shotgun

Jordan Brown, an 11 year old boy from Pennsylvania killed his stepmother in their own home last week. An 11 year old killing someone is shocking enough, but what really blew me away was something ABC News reported today; the boy had "used his own youth model shotgun, a smaller-sized gun designed specifically for children."

I get that Americans have very different laws when it comes to guns compared to us Norwegians, but a "youth gun"? According to AOL, the gun, a "youth model 20-gauge shotgun" had been given to the boy by his father for Christmas. Less than two months later the boy used it to kill his father's girlfriend.

According to OCShooters.com, children should have guns for "shooting at targets, plinking at tin cans or starting to train for the Olympics." This of course makes it absolutely necessary to make guns especially for children. So even their little fingers can pull the trigger.

To quote blogger X Curmudgeon;
"What the hell is a youth model shotgun? Who would give an 11-year-old a shotgun? More insanity from the gun lobby. Why not make it legal for him to drink whiskey (a youth model) while we're at it."
What is it they say... "guns don't kill, people kill people".
Well stop giving people guns then!

If you're too young to make a life, you're too young to take one.


  1. Americans are crazy with their gun policy. But I think that even though companies do manufacture guns "especially" for kids, I believe that it is the parent's duty to know that it's just wrong to buy and give the gun to his kid.

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    americans are gun crazy children are shot and killed every day by a gun that belongs to the parent or bought for them as a gift.they say you have to be registared here but you can get one right off the street no problem.they say guns dont kill people people kill people.stupid huh

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Does anyone know what the legal age is for a child in afganistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, to own a gun? Wake up people do kill people, if not with a gun, then with a knife broken glass, whatever if the intent is there it's going to happen. Why would someone in norway care about our laws. Proper education is the key, I have a 5 year old grandaughter and she can outshoot most adults, but she also knows that it is not a toy. Mind your own polotics and stay out of ours!!

  4. 2nd Anoymous - If you seriously suggest comparing the US to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, then be my guest. Personally I would think that someone who is a grandfather would be capable of taking differences in religion, culture and religion into consideration before grouping countries, not to say continents, into one and the same group - "all those who are different than us".

    Mind our own politics? If you haven't noticed, we share one globe. Nations, countries, republics are artificially created, and what the US does, as perhaps the post powerful country there is (at least at the moment), affects all of us.

    I know we should respect our elders - and I do; I'm sure you've experienced a lot more than I have. But when your opinions are so different from what I consider right and wrong... well - you'll have to explain yourself. Age does not guarantee intelligence.

    *hoping you'll check back in*


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