Monday, February 02, 2009

Bank turned sexist?

According to the Bank of England, it is very important for women to wear high heels and make up to work - otherwise they might not be seen as professional, write newspapers Independent and Dagbladet. A memo leaked from a meeting Wednesday last week states, among other things;

"Look professional, not fashionable; be careful with perfume; always wear a heel of some sort – maximum two inches; always wear some sort of makeup, even if it's just lipstick [...].

"Shoes and skirt must be the same colour. No-nos include ankle chains, white high heels; overstuffed handbags; an overload of rings, and double-pierced ears"[...].

I have to say I completely agree with the Bank on this; I never feel competent to do any sort of job when I'm wearing flat or white shoes...

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