Sunday, February 01, 2009

Lunatics Online

I've been chatting since I was 12, half my life - for my generation it's as natural as talking to someone on the phone. Maybe even more natural - we text more than we talk anyway. But there are people who don't get it, and I come across them from time to time.

I'm not talking about the "Wanna cyber", the "got cam, u wanna c" or even the "check my cam baby, wanna see u get off on my hard cock". True, those aren't very inventive (and even less tempting), but they are expected, they're "normal" on here and usually, although not always, they go away if you're not interested.

And there are the people you've talked to for a while. Those who make the net such a great invention. People you can have interesting, deep conversations with the one day and a 30 second "I'm so mad right now, I just need to vent, why are people so stupid??" the next. You've started to learn how the other person communicates and it just works. In real life that would be called chemistry, and I guess you can have that online too.

But then there's another kind of people. The kind who, had it been real life, you'd have been out on a few dates and liked each other, things seem good, then suddenly he starts yelling at you because you answered your phone, or said 'thank you' to the guy who gave you back your change, claiming you're flirting with everyone right in front of him.

Online this jealous behaviour manifests itself in the only ways it can when there is no face to face contact - an obsessive need to be seen and heard, to be your priority at all times, never having to wait more than two seconds for a reply, and constantly questioning you about who you're talking to. The difference between a conversation in real life and on MSN seems completely lost on some - if I've known you for a week and you showed up on my door every day, demanding to spend the evening with me, saying I can't talk to anyone else, and not letting me change the cd, make dinner, or even go pee... If you did that, you'd be a stalker and a psychopath.

Why do some people believe this behaviour is acceptable online? Why do I get accused of being selfish, never thinking about others, not a nice person, "I don't deserve to be treated like this", "you'll get yours in the end" and, of course, the inevitable; "no wonder you're single, no one could ever stand being with you".

I know some would say of course people here are like that, everyone chatting online are losers, have no social skills and on and on, but I disagree and I know that;
1) I *am* a nice (although strange) person.
2) Most people are actually nice.
3) Some people are freaks no matter where you meet them.
4) And they're never gonna change.

Doesn't matter if you meet them online or not, it's just easier for someone to hide the fact that they're a complete lunatic when you never actually *meet* them...


  1. Ha! yes, I've had my share of people who think I owe every minute I'm online to talking to them. They don't last very long before they are blocked.

  2. Ahh... the jeckyl-n-hyde personality of the online chatters. I've encountered those b4 when I used to chat a lot. Thankfully I've never met any of them in real life.


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