Sunday, February 15, 2009

I know I've posted too many of these, but I just had to!

[jaygo83 enters chat]
jaygo83: big fat pig
apples: wow that's nice of you
jaygo83: are you upset now
jaygo83: was gonna say wanna chat, got cam,, how boaring so instead hello bog breath bet you have an ipod, Nintendo wii eat burgers smell like an ash tray, have no credit in your phone because you have sent too many texts and used blueteeth, if you have humour reply but don’t bother swearing or being vulgar.
apples: not particularly :)
jaygo83: where you from stinker
apples: I think I'm gonna pass on you
apples: bye bye
jaygo83: piss off then
jaygo83: boring old cow go and get the pidos they are more your scene

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