Monday, March 30, 2009

Jason LeRoy Savage and how America got more prudish.

29 year old Jason LeRoy Savage from Michigan has pleaded guilty and been convicted to 90 days in prison for having sex with a car wash vacuum cleaner.

According to,
"Savage said the ordeal was humiliating and "has been overwhelming." He said people stare at him, he's afraid to come out of his house and he can't find a job."
I'd say the media would have to take the blame for that one - publishing his full name, photo and even home address.

The judge in the case stated;
"Savage brought national, night-time jokester humiliation and worldwide embarrassment to the Great Lakes Bay Region by having sex with a vacuum hose in a Thomas Township car wash."

Granted, it probably shouldn't be a regular thing. And you definitely shouldn't do it in public. But all I can say is; if I were a guy I'd wonder what a vacuum cleaner would feel like, and it probably wouldn't take me 29 years to find out.

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