Friday, March 27, 2009

Albino bear Salt and brother Pepper

No, it's not a polar bear, it's albino brown bear Salt and her brother Pepper.

The cubs were born nine weeks ago in Polar Zoo in Bardu, Norway. At birth they weighed approximately one pound, but are growing rapidly.

They are getting used to being around humans, and the caretakers say they get plenty of hickeys when the cubs mistake them for their mother.

Although the white colour may be great camouflage, the cubs are still too young to stay out in the snow long, and the albino Salt is very sensitive to light. She may develop more health problems than her brother, but as of yet she is almost as strong.

During this spring people will be able to go to the park to see the cubs. Albino animals, such as the albino elk discovered a couple years ago, seem to fascinate people. Plus, they're very cute!

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  1. They're so squeezable!!! I wish I could get my hands on them hehehe...


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