Friday, March 06, 2009

Shoplifter? Me?

I was coming back from my exam when I stopped by one of those $5 shops looking for batteries. When I couldn't find any and left, a man came running after me wanting to look in my purse.
"Oh. Sure. Do I look that suspicious?" "Yes."

He then said I had seen him and gone straight out of the shop. I'd also shifted the straps of my purse on my shoulder so I'd probably put something in it. Then he told me a few times to show my purse in the register every time I leave from now on.

He glanced at my now-open purse, and told me again how suspiciously I was acting. Quite frankly I was too shocked to do much so finally I just said "Sir, yes sir!", saluted him and left.

What was my crime? What made him notice me? What made him suspect me of having dishonest intentions?

I'd said "Hi" and smiled as I'd walked past him.

That's it.

He wouldn't have noticed me if I'd just ignored him like everybody else. But I didn't. I was nice.

Why do some people find it so provoking when others are being nice to them?

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  1. Wow. that's crazy. I don't think i'd be going to that store again if i had to "show my purse."...grr some people. I would have given him a piece of my mind.


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