Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was just in the laundry room downstairs taking some clothes out of the washing machine. Before putting them in the dryer I removed some lint - most people don't seem to that and sometimes there's a lot.

This time there were some black lumps in it, the colour of lint naturally depends on the colour of the clothes so nothing strange there. I try and take some out when, wait... Lint isn't supposed to move, is it?

Ewww! Gross!!

It's not black lint, it's hundreds of half-dead mosquitoes with broken wings and legs walking around and lying in lumps in there! What can the last person using this possibly have done with their clothes??

*flashbacks to horror stories from Uganda about people who came home with bugs in their luggage and had the spread all over the house*

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  1. Yucks. That's just sick! I can just imagine my reaction if I had touched it... oh God.


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