Monday, March 16, 2009

Damage Reports

I reported the bugs in the dryer and the flood on the 3rd floor veranda (cigarette butts and were covering the floor and clogging the drain) to the student organization (SiB) last night.

We report it on their web page, and we can check back in to see if they've done anything about it. And it's always fun to see what other people report:

  • The toilet seat is cranky and little by little turning into a rocking chair.
  • The wooden chair in my room is shaking because of lose nails of the legs.
  • You need to make a solution about the water problem. Our skin is getting damaged because of the water.
  • I want replacement for my study chair, bobbs and shower cocks for use in my room.[I'll bet you want boobs and cocks in your shower...]
  • The kitchen light blow out this morning.
  • The hot plate is degraded and bumps time to time and very risky.

Sometimes SiB write exactly how they solved a difficult problem;
  • Lamp under the ceiling doesn't work
ii i[solution: "we put the light bulb in....."]

You gotta love those exchange students :P


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    well it sounds like you need a big strong handy man that appreciates boobs in his shower to fix all these things.i am yor man
    mike from usa

  2. Well... I wouldn't say I really need anything, but I wouldn't mind a strong handy man in my shower ;)


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