Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Building Collapse in Cologne, Germany

In Cologne, Germany a building housing the city archives collapsed this afternoon. People could feel something vibrate and many were able to get out before hearing a rumbling noise, according to witnesses something that sounded like a train. Seconds later the area was covered in dust.

Parts of a neighbouring building also collapsed, and two buildings away apartments had cracks in their ceilings. Construction work was being undertaken at the subway line under the building, but a spokesperson has said they have no knowledge of any work that could have caused this.

Several people are still missing.

Hope they get as many as possible out alive, but it looks like it would be a miracle if nobody died. Reminds me of something that happened in Guatemala a couple years ago.

- And is it just me or does that house look a lot like a doll house, opened up like that? Carpet hanging off the front and everything..

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