Saturday, August 05, 2006

Miss me?

This is where you'll find me.


  1. Nice.

    I tried staying outside today. But after all the hailstorms, it's too cool to stay outside with nothing but shorts on.

    Fie on you, weather.

  2. Tjalve2:17 AM

    Yeah. I miss you.

  3. You've become quite lazy haven't you? Don't let this become usual
    How's the weather in Norway? Is it warm enough to lay in your mat?
    I'm off for a week in rome...

  4. Lazy? Just on here :) Can't stay in when the weather's this beautiful. Been walking around in the mountains, been more fun and easier than ever before.

    It's been absolutely hot the past week or two. It's been so beautiful I can't believe it's the same country as just a month ago. Now it's started raining though and it's supposed to do so for a while. Still hot, but not the best weather if you want to lie in the hammock :)


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