Friday, August 11, 2006

W : boyfriend

Today's word has, at the moment, 43 definitions.
3 of the most useful ones are posted here.


a fuckbuddy.

Boy: Nice pants.
Girl: Thanks.
Boy thinks "I wonder how fast I can get them off.."


a great guy who make you feel good bout urself... a protector, and ur best friend

keep ur hands off my boyfriend, bitch! he's mine!


Non-essential male counterpart. However, with the aid of a magical diamond attached to a golden ring, the boyfriend may transform into a more revered creature named "husband."

My boyfriend proposed last night; he's the most amazing man I've ever met. Note: the usage of "man" here indicates status raise.


  1. theres nothing wrong with being a fuck buddy

  2. Apples, you missed the definition of a boyfriend being a pet on a leash.

    Could be fun...

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Boyfriend = someone who does what he wants when she lets him.
    Boyfriend = Handbrake, she pulls him on and off.
    Miss you babygirl, Big Ted.

  4. Tjalve4:42 PM

    I kinda liked this definition:

    The nice guy you settle for when you realize that the hot bad boys you fall for are just manwhores who make you cry as often as they make you come.

  5. bigzellbo - indeed, there's nothing wrong with that ;)

    raine - on a leash might be fun... but the actual having him on a leash not as in him doing what I say because.. well, you know..

    big ted - miss you too sweetie, gotta get on msn soon

    tjalve - do you see yourself as the nice guy or the bad boy? Not entirely sure since 1) you are a nice guy, and 2) you put "hot" with "bad boys"...

  6. Tjalve9:53 AM

    Well, I didn't put myself in either category. I just said I liked the definition. But since you just said I was a nice guy, then I guess that's your answer. And while I can put several labels on myself, I don't think "hot" is one of them. Maybe I should get myself a girlfriend, and ask for her opinion.

  7. you're kinda hot...

    as for the girlfriend - give it a couple months will ya? må komme oss til Sverresborg først ;)


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