Thursday, August 24, 2006

Four months till Christmas!

It's August 24th, it's only four months till Christmas!

It's been 8 months since Christmas last year, that means it's twice as long since the last one as it is until the next. It doesn't feel that long since last Christmas, that means it's really really not long till it's here again!

Time to start buying presents? Make decorations? Ooh and advent calendars!

I wonder when it will start snowing...


  1. Tjalve1:30 PM

    It's still summer (sorta), and you're wondering when it'll start snowing? Haven't you lived in Bergen long enough to know that it's not unlikely that we won't get snow untill after christmas?

    I just hope they won't start playing christmas carols untill december. It's not that I hate christmas, or christmas carols. It's just that when they start playing them all over the place in october or november, I just know I'll get sick and tired of them long before christmas.

    Thinking about christmas presents might not be a bad idea though. But I think I'll wait a couple of months with that as well.

    I do agree that christmas is nice. It's just the weather that always accompany that season that I don't like. Horizontal rain, slush that freezes to bulky ice all over the place (and especially on the pavements), dark, almost nonexistant days, with only a few hours of daylight every day, and on average half a week between each time you get to see the sun.
    If we'd only have PROPER winter, I wouldn't complain. With snow that stays for a couple of months. But as it is, that season is the right season to evacuate the country.

  2. It is true that the weather in Bergen is not what I think of when I think of Christmas.. I think back to when I was a kid and 3 feet of snow was normal and expected. It's not like that anymore.

    But it has started in snowing in November both years I've been here and I have to say I'm expecting (or at least hoping for) the same this year aswell.

    As for carols.. I just don't go to malls much during the autumn or winter... It's just when I have to start buying presents and that's usually in December (or very late November) and there's supposed to be carols by then. I do agree though - it becomes ordinary when the decorations there for two and a half months, sort of takes the magic away.

    Yes - Christmas is magical. And yes, I do believe in Santa.

  3. Tjalve5:27 PM

    I always find it amusing when we hear stories about priests who try to use physics and science to prove that Santa doesn't exist. There always pops up stories around christmas about this. Of course at the same time they want us to believe in God just because.

    As far as the existance of Santa, though, I have to disappoint you. Sorry that you had to find out this way.

  4. what I want to know is
    What are you going to get me?

  5. Christmas!! Oh no not again!! I really would love a white christmas!! I dream of a white christmas but snow only falls minimally in England. Summer may yet still be around but the shops arent taking any chances on getting a headstart on stocking up. Am writing my presents list down already. Looking forward to the beautifully lit shops, streets, shopping malls and of course, the carols and beautiful presents!!! I'm giving out hints on what presents am expecting. (smile)


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