Thursday, August 24, 2006

Important message from the Uni

For a period, starting August 21st, The University pages will be down every morning from 5:55am to 6:00am, due to necessary maintenance. The students will be notified when this period is over.

As if we're up at 6am?!?


  1. Tjalve5:32 PM

    I guess usually downtimes tend to start around 2 or 3 am. But I guess the Uni has realised there are more students that are awake at 3 am than at 6 am.

    But what I find more amusing is that it's considered an important message from the Uni that the net is down for 5 minutes every morning. I guess that shows how dependant the Uni feel the students are on the net being up all the time.

  2. Apples-
    Try again.

    P.S. A lot could happen in five minutes.


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