Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back in town

It's been a while... I kinda wish summer lasted longer, I never want summer to end, school to start, not seeing my family until Christmas.

Summer's over. The berries at home are almost ready to be picked. The cherries are all gone and the plums are weighing heavy on their branches.

This time my brother came with me though, our parents drove us down during the weekend. He's going to some "computer school" and got an appartment with some friends.

It's a rather long walk from here and I won't be going there a lot cuz I'm not quite sure I'm invited... Except if I bring food. If I bring food I can probably visit whenever I want.

The city is hot and dusty. The leaves have started falling off the trees and the nights are dark again. Winter is coming closer with dark days and storms.

I'm hoping for thunder and lightning. I have a feeling this autumn is going to be like none before it.


  1. Tjalve5:28 PM

    Don't you think your family will come and visit on your birthday? So you won't have to wait all the time to Christmas.

    Your brother won't let you visit unless you bring food? What, are you some kind of backupmom? Reduced from a dear sister to a simple food supplier?

    A few days ago we had one flash of lightning, followed by rain and an INcrease in temperature of 2-3 degrees. That was kinda weird, but I guess it's just what you want.

  2. Actually they might visit in October, they said they wouldn't but you never know. They have the past two years and seeing as my brother's birthday is five days after mine, it would be strange if they let them both pass by without a visit.

    And I'm sure my bro would let me visit, but I think he'd only want me to visit if I brought food or something of the kind :)

    That's said, when I'm home I always try and cook new things for the family but no one seems to like my 'new things'. My mother told me I should invite my brother over for dinner sometimes, and she made sure I promised to cook him something "normal".

    Guess that goes to show my cooking skills aren't quite up to par...

  3. Tjalve3:12 PM

    Or maybe it goes to show that your family isn't ready for sophisticated cuisine.
    Do what I do when my friends complain that I have too much garlic in my lasagna. "Hey, when I make food, I decide what's in it. When you make food, you decide. If you don't like my food, I won't force you to eat it." Given that my friends very much enjoy being invited when I make lasagna, I guess it's still better than what they make themselves.


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