Monday, August 14, 2006

W : girlfriend

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Mystical creature whose known powers range from clairvoyancy to being able to bleed for a week without dying. A person to have on your side.

Man, i'm glad i have a girlfriend


The keeper of one's manhood(balls) for a period of time until one either commits to marriage and chops them off or ends the relationship

"Jon has no testicles, he has a girlfriend"


(n.) The greatest thing a man could ever experience.
(n.) The most painful thing a man could ever experience.

I love my girlfriend.
Even when she rips out my heart.


  1. Tjalve10:17 AM

    A surprising amount of the "girlfriend" definitions referred to weapons. Sometimes I really feel that guys are weird.

  2. girlfriend

    (n.)A status symbol, often treated as a step in a male's ascension to manhood, or a reaffirmation in said male's manhood.

    nobody said I had to agree with it. It's just out there.


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