Sunday, August 23, 2009

Politics on the bus

On the bus to Bergen the guy behind me was talking on the phone and seemed to be involved with the political party Høyre, which is a conservative party on the right side in Norwegian politics.

I don't agree with too many of Høyres policies, I think I was born on the left side and have no intention of leaving. Then again, not all of those voting for this party are rich, have rich parents, and only care about lowering taxes for the wealthy and cutting in social services.

Maybe this guy was different from the majority in the party. There has to be nice people who care about everyone and not just put their own money before everything, right? Of course there are! They don't all just rely on rich parents, it would be too naive to think all of them, even this guy, are like the stereotype.

Then, from behind me a voice filters through my thoughts like a ray of sunshine, just a single ray, shining through the clouds on a rainy day;

"Dad said he would buy me an apartment in Bergen now."


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