Monday, August 24, 2009

The Music and the People

Two tents, one grand piano, a motor cycle camp and horseshoes; that's a festival in a little town. I had fun, I think everybody did, and it's great that someone decides to arrange something like that.

I met a lot of people I didn't know, people I've heard of but never met, and people I've seen all my life but still don't know who are. It's a small town so everybody knows each other in one way or another - you either recognize someone but don't know their name, or the other way around.

I talked to a guy I knew as a kid (or so my parents tell me) who said he knew me as a kid too (or so his parents tell him). And another who claimed to be married while simultaneously doing his best to grab my butt and thigh for the better part of an hour, before trying to invite himself back to my [parents'] place.

At least people from my class are easy to remember (and keep their hands to themselves). Half of them I haven't seen since we finished high school six years ago and most of us left town. Others I run into almost every time I'm home. In one way you'd never have thought that many years have passed; some people are exactly the same. Others are different. You don't know who has become the angry drunk, who is a different person behind your back, and who is quieter than you remembered (or perhaps just didn't really want to talk to you).

It was fun, more people should know about this.. Maybe next year!

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