Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm supposed to go back to Bergen on Thursday.
Saturday there's this.. I'm not sure what to call it.. this small, very local, music festival in town

The entertainment seems to consist of our dorky neighbour playing the piano, which he seems to do pretty well. (In his defense he was only dorky because he was my best friend's older brother growing up and, well, he was pretty dorky.)

It would be fun to go, to meet people and just hang out.

But I'm supposed to go back to Bergen, sort things out, get my stuff ready to be moved out of the apartment.

So what do I do? Postpone going back to Bergen, or skip the thingy and pass on meeting people?

Pros and cons, anyone?


  1. Well, will you be paying more rent if you leave your stuff there too long? You probably need to do the responsible thing and get your stuff taken care of. On the other hand, a nice relaxing weekend, seeing good friends again is always good. Personally, as a relational person, I'd probably go to the event, unless postponing getting my stuff would be a significant financial burden

  2. Responsible? Oh yeah.. I remember that feeling, I used to be that once ;)

    Postponing Bergen would only mean spending four days there instead of eight. The problem is I want to go to Bergen, but I also want to go to this thing. It wouldn't cost more either way.

  3. Would you get more fun from the extra days in Bergen or going to the music festival? Would you still have enough time to get your stuff packed and moved?

    I guess the other thing is, how far is Bergen? Could you visit it later in the year?

  4. I don't know... I'll have fun in Bergen either way.
    The festival thingy... I don't know.

    Four days would be enough I guess, and Bergen isn't far. It just wouldn't the same later, and I have no idea where I'll be!

    I guess I just need a good reason to keep me here :)

  5. marcus2:17 AM

    hey i say go to Brergen your young so go have a wild time
    all the other stuff can wait it going to be there when you get back
    so i say go live life to its fullest


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