Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a confession to make.

I've had an ulterior motive with a few of my posts the last year. The thing is, there's someone out there I've wanted to talk to, and this was the only way I really knew how to.

Right now I'm tired of waiting, and it's now or never. This guy knows who he is and I'm telling him - either you tell me what you're thinking, or I'm letting this thing go.

Chances are I'm making an ass of myself here, but I'm old enough not to care, and smart enough not to let it matter.

Here we go. It's all or nothing.


  1. What does "makin and ass of somebody" mean? ulterior motive means what? Who is that person? Not me perhaps, cause we left talking on skype 3.5 years ago. How where when and what time you are waiting who and what?

  2. i dont think he likes bein confronted with reality,
    otherwise he would have told who he was earlier

  3. Sleepy i don't share the same ideas with you. If apples and whom she mentions were radios, Either he and apples don't have the same frequencies to understand eachother or they don't speak the same language. I bet that apples technically has all the oportunities to know who he is in real life by using her cookies and ip stuff but the guy she mentions doesn't have any idea how to find apples from a crowd of people in real life. Maybe she should find him and whisper to his ear somethings they have talked earlier

  4. sleepy - I already know who he is, but I think the guy with the radio frequencies might be on to something :)


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