Saturday, June 06, 2009

Summer Desire

As summer comes closer and it gets warmer, people are happier and clothes come off. Skin the colour of skimmed milk is exposed to rays of sunshine, hoping it will eventually achieve a more flattering shade.

It's been a few years since I've felt comfortable in a bikini, but a short skirt and a top does just as well. Sitting outside, whether it's on the windy veranda with a view of the ocean or on a lawn, feeling the grass between my toes.. I always wonder about the same thing.

How come feeling the sun high on my thighs always makes certain desires bubble up to the surface, little bubbles wanting to burst and set the desire free?

That feeling comes instantly when I'm in the sun, distracting me from what I'm supposed to be doing. I can't focus, my mind drifts off, filling up with quite pleasant thoughts. Making me dream of what summer might bring.


  1. Wonderful blog you have. Keep it up.


  2. actually there is a reason for that. its the chemical reaction crated by the melanoma in our skin. melanoma is also used in anti-depressants and some sleep and relaxation aid. it increases the blood flow which spur our serotonin levels there by we are more relaxed and significantly horny. don't ask me how i know this, i live with two nurses. i'm italian and i tan very easily which probably explains.... a lot.

  3. Nilz - Thanks, nice to be appreciated.

    Charlz C - Isn't melanoma a kind of tumor? Does being tan in itself make you hornier or do you have to be in the sun? For me it just happens when the sun shines where it usually doesn't, which makes sense since that's when the hormones are released :)


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