Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forest Fire

I'd been wondering why the city looked so blurry from my window today when I could smell smoke. With summer, heat and dry days comes forest fires and there's one not far from the city.

Fire fighters say it's out of control and they can only hope it won't spread down the mountain to the houses below. Luckily we don't have the big fires they have in Australia and California so it probably won't do much damage to anything other than the woods.

The air seems a lot clearer now, the wind must be blowing the other way but the fire is still spreading. Good thing the dry days are over for now - it's supposed to start raining today and keep doing so for a few days. Perfect timing.

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  1. Here in Malaysia, we suffer from the yearly haze which is caused by the forest burning from the neighbouring Indonesia.

    It really sucks having to put up with it. Every year we complain to the Indonesian government & try to get them to stop the open burning but still to no avail :(


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