Sunday, June 21, 2009

Topless is Out

According to Norwegian fashion experts it is "not trendy, cheap and very 90s" to sunbathe topless this year.

A survey from Denmark, typically a country with very relaxed attitudes towards nudity, shows that more than 50% of Danish women feel the bikini top should stay on this summer. Of course, the majority of Danish men (surprise surprise) still want the bikini top off.

Now, I can understand that some people might be offended by others not wearing bikini tops (...well actually I don't understand that at all, but for the sake of the argument let's say I do), but are we really supposed to be so concerned with fashion that we should be worry that our lack of bikini top says we're "cheap"?

Does our perception of morals, ethics, right and wrong vary with trends and fashion this way? If so, I can only feel very sorry for the lil fashion girls - must be exhausting to worry so much about what your bikini says about you!

Plus, I really can't imagine the fashionistas being in a rush to declare tan lines like those fashionable...

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