Monday, January 29, 2007

My semester

I'm doing three courses this year; Administration and organization, Geography and Anthropology.

A&O started in January, Geo will start in February and Anthropology in March, a nice spread. Even exam dates are spread out with one week in between each.

My only problem is that I find Geo interesting and I like the books. Doesn't sound like much of a problem, I know, but add Anthropology which I also like, then A&O which I seem to detest. Not the subject as such, but the books. Actually, I'd probably hate the subject if I understood what I was reading...

Instead of doing as the professor said at the end of my last A&O lecture: "For next time, read the book by Scott, will you?" Yes, sure, I'll read a book I don't understand when I've got plenty of books I do like that I have to read. That's my excuse, I have to read all the books anyway so I might as well read the ones I like first. But that way, which has been my way the past four semesters, I end up being behind the rest of the class from the second lecture on.

Reading itself isn't the problem, taking notes is. I could read all the books just fine, but that way I wouldn't remember anything when it was time for exams. Which is why taking notes is the way to go. Taking notes takes forever, especially when we have to translate terms from English, terms which seem to exist only in that field of study and not in an ordinary dictionary. Language tends to complicate things, because;

1) All books and articles are in English.
2) Lectures are in English because there are foreign students.
3) Lecture notes by professors are in English
4) Exams are in Norwegian.

I clearly don't mind English. If I did, this would all be in another language. It's when we're learning something in a different language than the exam and have to find the correct terms with which to translate all English terms, by ourselves.

We had that in Psychology a few years ago too - going to seminar groups or even the exams, finding questions about something we'd never heard of before, only to realize afterwards we knew what it was, we'd just never heard of it in Norwegian before. Especially annoying since a lot of words cannot be found in an ordinary dictionary, some not even in the dictionaries made especially for that field of study. Which is why the lectures are usually the way to learn the terms in Norwegian, now that's impossible since also lectures are in English.


Maybe I should tell someone at the Uni instead of just complaining...

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  1. physciatr11:51 PM

    huhu :D wooow! how nice to study physcology in norwegian.Wished i had studied that too. As physcology science is a must to understand the human nature and behaviours, it would be very helpful for me to study phsycology in norwegian in the way of understanding the norwegian girls. It seems to me that these norwegian girls have problems in connecting people... they are cold, non-responsive , cool minded, careless to me witout the knowledge of the physcology of the norwegian girls.


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