Friday, January 19, 2007

Paris Fashion Week

Jean-Paul Gaultier

I don't know about you but.... eww!


  1. ilikegrapes1:26 AM

    Hmm, well these fashion designers might only sell such kind of clothings to Paris Hilton. Only she and that kinda girls can buy such kinda dress, that's why it is called Paris Fashion Week. Or maybe cause her name is Paris she likes Paris designs. Perhaps these gay fashion designers have some transparent designs inorder to attract guys to the fashion show. I always thought about why a gay would want to be a fashion designer ??? No reason ... Neither of those guys are gay, they can't be!!! they only appear to be gay so that they can easily approach to the model chicks, And as they appear to be gay no of the models will be jealous about eachother because of the designer's close relations. By the way miss apples you follow the fashion very closely. Ehh very normal as you are a model like girl, but hope you are not skinny.

  2. I wonder if that's part of the costume, or if that's hers.

    Either way...


    Where's my weed-whacker?

  3. Oh my god I hope that's not the latest fashion statement or the latest "in" thing. I can't imagine walking around town seeing young girls dressed like that! Eeeks!!

  4. Must have!
    An obvious success on the "Infomediale julebord" next christmas!


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