Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Do I want to meet my boyfriend's good friend and ex bed-buddy?


  1. I wouldn't blame you if you passed on this.

    It just smacks (pardon the pun) of all kinds of awkward.
    Your call though.

  2. iceanddice11:25 PM

    Hmm, does your bf wanna meet with ur best friend? and your ex-bed buddy? seems like i can't answer this question without knowing this big detail. Hmm is your bf a jelaous guy? very jealous guy? non jealous guy?

  3. Raine: I wouldn't say awkward... I just think I'm gonna hate her. At least if she's pretty I'll hate her. And then I will again be convinced the guy is secretly in love with her. I don't think that's a good place to go back to.

    Turkish: The friend and ex bed-buddy is the same person. And he's not jealous at all.

  4. iceanddice10:13 PM

    Ehh well by obtaining %50 of required information that i asked, i can answer your question with 50% error probability.

    If you answered that your friend and ex bed buddy is the same person. ( I asked whether you thought your bf would want to see this guy?) if he is not jealous according to you ,then he wouldn't care about seeing him or not ,but if he was jealous he would want to see him ,if he was very jealous he wouldn't want to see him and leave you there ,and for a guy bed buddies doesn't mean a love , as men and women are diffrent. But for most women , they need to love the guy for sex. And for being best friends, for a guy is possible even if he doesn't love the girl by means of emotions but this is only possible if the girl has no sexual attraction to the guy. The guy might like such an ugly girl for her good behaviours but 98% wouldn't wanna sleep with her, she will stay as his best friend. Generally smart guys love both good and attractive girls but the probability of finding such girls is very low, because this is like a filter, the smarter the girl the less beautiful the girl, and the more beautiful the girl the more sleazy she becomes(generally speaking) those sleazy girls might have kissed so many frogs expecting them to return princes :P. Ehh returning to your question, as you say he is not jealous (some guys are very jealous but they try to hide this,for example i am very jealous one,and i break the relations if i see my girl flirts with an other guy,and can t easily accept if she had a bf which she loved alot)well as you said you wouldn't want to see her because of having a fear she is more attractive then you, but on the other hand wondering her if she is pretty or not, and as you came to this point means you love your bf very much, and if you know why your bf loved you , then you would try to see her and introduce this girl a very handsome heart breaker bed buddy and friend guy ehehehheheh for getting revenge from her and then you can take photos of her to show your bf and make him hate her because you seems like a very jealous girl :P and so you can verify if your bf is jealous about her , if he is still jealous about her then he really still loves her but won't love anymore and hate her if he is not jealous about her then he won't care about her . Well seems like this is the answer with %50 possibility of error: you want to see your bf's ex-girl and take revenge from her by finding her a heart breaker guy :P seems like this is a very fuzzy logic question and an uncontrolled input may wreck the relations :P

  5. And it's at this precise point in time that my head violently explodes.

  6. Turkish: Do you have any idea how pathetic this makes you sound? "sleazy girls", "take revenge", "take photos of her"?

    And then the interesting "But for most women, they need to love the guy for sex."

    We clearly live in very different worlds, please get out of mine. But if you still insist on staying... paragraphs, man! paragraphs!

    In other news..
    My problem solved itself, the guy decided not to go to the b'day party (which was where I would have met his friend). Still is something to think about for the next time the question comes up..

  7. iceandhotwater10:39 PM

    Hey the person i suspected doing such pathetic things was you :))but i said with %50 error probability at the beginning and at the end. Ehh so if it is wrong you don't need to accuse me. So you mean you saved the day? by his not going to the party? Hmm good point, i am here to improve my english :D , otherwise i have no emotional or any other feelings towards you. Why shall i love a net girl? Benefically i learn english from your blog because your english is very good when compared with mine :D if you put hot water and cold water in the same pot then the temperature will become equal right? So as my level is below you and yours is higher than mine , we will become equal with your advice and by reading your blog. :D Thanks for the paragraphs i ll care about that.

  8. You suspected me of doing such pathetic things? How very nice of you.

    What, exactly, made you think I enjoy hurting people?

  9. iceandmice10:41 PM

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Apples said: "Help, I killed my feet!"

    You see your hurt your feet :(, so i thought u could hurt people out of your knowledge too, ofcourse you are a sweet person who won't hurt a person by knowing the results, this is because not always people can foresee the future. Oki i beg my pardon then you are a very sweet norwegian girl that i wanna eat :D as u don t need to love the guy for eating hmm?

  10. I don't eat guys, I prefer chocolate.

  11. icananddice11:37 PM

                  what kind of chocolate do you like?
    Do u like eating heart shaped chocolates? most people do eat :) if there was you
    shaped chocolates i would eat you , i mean the chocolate. Hmm i haven't eaten any
    norwegian chocolates can you send me some? Or better if we ever meet give me some
    chocolate oki? Despite of the fear of having some spots on my face as a result of
    eating chocolates ,i can accept and eat those chocolates as they will be from norway
    :) especially from you :))
                  But as you like me as a friend
    and not a darling , better help me in finding me another norwegian girl as beautiful
    as you (she can t be as hot as you in sentences but)and let her give me the chocolates.I
    bet that you know so many beautiful norwegian girls :D , you could introduce me
    one of them as you don t like me. And she can visit me too you are a chocolate hearted
    girl, i can foresee that u will introduce me with a nice norwegian girl :) (Paragraphs
    are for u) PS: Well you say u don't need to love the guy for sex right? ehh well
    can u help me? :P

  12. No, I cannot help you. I don't hate anyone enough to introduce them to you.

    But as you like me as a friend
    and not a darling

    What makes you think I like you in any way at all?

  13. iceandwise9:05 PM

    "I bet that you know so many beautiful norwegian girls :D
    , you could introduce me
    one of them as you don t like me.
    And she can visit me too you are a chocolate hearted
    girl, i can foresee that u will introduce me with a nice norwegian girl :)" Ehh see i also said u don t like me . Don't know :P you like me or not? donno . But i still improve my english ehehehe..

  14. No, sadly, your English is not improving..

    ..you don't know what paragraphs are, do you?

  15. iceanddice11:28 PM

    No nordic girl, i have no idea about what a paragraph is :) but i think you will teach me what it is, i only know diffrent ideas are expressed in diffrent paragraphs. And you know this post window doesn't accept some of the html tags ehh so it is difficult to debug it better not writing paragraphs. Even can't post colorful fonts, but perhaps you can do it. Hey well now i am sad that no improvement in my english :(( maybe instead of non native speakers i should talk to native speaker girls hmm but norwegian girls are sexy

  16. If you want to learn a language, you definitely should speak with people who have that language as a first language.

    When I wanted to learn French, I learn it best from people living in France.

    As for paragraphs, this is it. Don't make it all sound like one long sentence. It's hard to read. It makes Raine's head explode. You don't want to make Raine's head explode.

    As for html, it accepts some tags, not all. I have to say I'm glad you can't use colour fonts, it would be all too confusing.

    Good luck finding a 'native blog'!

  17. iceandrise6:46 PM

    Well apples, you are a native like blogger. Furthermore you do care more than a native to the punctuations and your sentences and descriptions are pretty good. Why shall i leave your blog? I claim that, i have improved my english by reading your blog this is my primary aim!, as a secondary aim i intended to have you as my darling because i heard norwegian girls were beautiful and sexy,and i got used to you ehh so far i couldn't reach to my aim and don't know if i will ever succeed but i don t care, is not that important. Ehh well instead of retired norwegians i would expect you to come ehehhe heard 200000 retired norwegians will come here ,ehh perhaps their grandkids may visit me :)). No way i am used to your style of writing and won't like anyother blogs after all you are a creative blogger,and not boring. Have you read the story "raine raine go away" of isaac asimov? Well if not you can read it.

  18. Raine is going away. Far, far away.

    As far as he can from block writing and brutish use of the English language.

    See Raine run.
    See Raine jump.
    See Raine's head explode.

  19. I feel nauseous...


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