Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've made a new saying..

One glass of wine is better than a bottle on the floor.

Especially when the bottle is broken and all over the white carpet it took me a year to find.

I hate early mornings...


  1. I believe this would be an "oh sh-t" moment.

    How'd a broken bottle of wine end up on the floor anyway? Or am I better off not knowing what's not my business anyway?

    p.s. - I heard about the oil tanker by Bergen. Now THAT's a friggin' mess.

  2. The day before I'd bought a bottle of wine and put it on a little table by my desk.

    When the alarm went off at 6:30 the next morning I got up, it was dark, I wanted to turn on the lights which means stepping on a switch thing under the little table.

    Trying to reach it while trying to hold my balance and not step on things on my floor I must have waved my hand around, I just know I felt the top of the bottle, then heard the loudest crash.

    I must have got the lights on at the same time cuz I kinda froze for a second when I saw where it had landed. Luckily only a carpet, a couple red pillows and some paper I didn't need got wet. If it hadn't have been for that carpet and I'd have been using wine-stained books the rest of the semester.

    And that's how it happened. I do the most amazing things...

    As for the oil tanker - yes that really is a mess. Birds are dying all over the place. Today they even found birds with oil on their feathers in the centre of Bergen. They won't live much longer.


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