Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Someone new moved in.

Actually, I think six someones moved in.

There were four of us in the appartment, we never saw the one guy who moved in last summer. Now he's moving to Denmark for a semester and another guy moved in for a while.

The place is a mess. There's pasta, beer bottles and coats all over the place. And my stuff has apparently been adopted by them. It's kinda... I mean... what's going on?!?

Maybe it's a good thing though, maybe it means there will finally be some life in this apartment - it's been quiet and dark since... forever. It would be nice to see someone not just run to their room and lock the door. Although all the mess and all the people might be a little annoying in the long run...

- kinda fun to spy on the neighbours though...


  1. mychocolate11:34 PM

    Hmm as an engaged guy one new one moved to me . Ehh my fiance (a belgian) asked me what i am doing on the net ? and i said just surfing . From now on i will not be able to comment on ur posts as much as i used to unless my fiance finds something else to do rather than checking what i am doing. To be honest she is not as beautiful as you and as nice as u but i could find her at least :)

  2. Please pass on my condolences to her.


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