Sunday, February 04, 2007

My wonderful fellow students...

It's always nice to come home a Sunday morning only to find the stairs decorated with broken beer bottles.

And it's even nicer to know I'm the one who'll have to clean it up, seeing as I'm the 'elected representative' (whatever that means) for this student apartment complex.

I think I'll just leave it for a few days and let them walk around in their own mess. Then yell at them at a meeting we'll have in a week or two. However, that plan most likely won't, for two reasons.

  • The people (from now on referred to as idiots) who spend Saturday nights drinking, then breaking beer bottles inside the building in which they live, are probably the kind of people who prefer waiting three minutes for the elevator, only to ride it down one floor rather than spending 10 seconds on the stairs(it happens, it really does). Which means they won't see their mess.
  • These people, the idiots, are also the kind of people who don't show up at meetings. Last meeting, arranged by someone else, was attended by an amazing 8 people. Out of 157. Anything more this time would almost be a success.

So I've figured out what I can do to try and get someone to show up. These idiots are probably the very same people as those who have suggested we get a soda machine. Walking to the shop takes too long. Seeing as I'm the only one who can decide if we should get a soda machine or not, maybe adding "show up and have your say or we won't get it anyway" (rhyme not intended), maybe, just maybe that will help.

Then again, if you can't be bothered to walk down one flight of stairs, or the four minutes to the shop, can you really be expected to bother going to a simple meeting?


  1. sugaboyyyyy10:27 PM

    hmm how are u norwegian girl?hope uare all fine. it has been a long time that i haven t readur blog , hmm but u seem to be writing boring subjects for the last 2 weeks

  2. I hate it when other people just can't respect that there are others that have to clean up after them. God, I live with people who can't respect that after midnight, some people feel like sleeping, not listening to them have sex or a sexy conversation..

    I live in Bergen, Norway, in one of the studentcomplexes and I am just soooo fed up with not being respected.

    Just go ahead and not geting that sodathing, show them whos boss... ^^

  3. Hey, maybe you live in my building. Let's go kick some ass :D

    Seriously though, do you really mind listening to people having sex? I guess if it happens all the time but the only situation in which I could imagine having a problem with it, was if I wasn't getting any..


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