Monday, February 19, 2007

I have the weirdest dreams...

Last night I dreamt I wanted to find a new place for my toothbrush. I remember I was brushing my teeth, then I put the brush back in its place. I stood looking at it for a little while and realized that might be a silly place to keep it, and why hadn't I thought of that before?

The place it was in was the toilet bowl. There was something at the bottom of the toilet to put the toothbrush in so it was standing up, and that was its place. I was looking at it and thought "huh... when I go to the toilet I must be almost touching it" then came the sinking realization that "when it's standing like that, people have probably hit it when they've peed.."

And then... "If someone goes to the toilet and does no. 2... how can they avoid hitting the toothbrush? They can't! It's right there, in the middle of the toilet!"

It was only a dream but I'm not sure I can ever get myself to use that toothbrush again...


  1. dreamcommenter7:07 PM

    Hmmm i can tell you what your toothbrush dream is about.

    1) You forgot to brush your teeth before sleeping ,and also while u were in the middle of your sleep ,you felt like going to the toilet and u had a dream like that
    2) You burshed your teeth as u always do before sleeping, and then u went to sleeping but during your sleep your blanket slided and it didn't cover your ass and u felt the cold on that region and u had a dream such weird like that
    3) Maybe this is the worst possibility, you are in a dormitory and you share your room with mates, and you try to have very good relations with your friends but sometimes you have some quarrels with them and maybe once u watched something on a tv program that one room mate inserts the roommates tooth brush into the bowl of the toilet and stirs the water inside ewwww nasty , maybe of such influence u had a dream like that....

    comment: My opinion is that try to imagine a handsome guy and imagine yourself sitting on his lap :D

  2. dreamcommenter7:10 PM

    Hmm it seems like that you will be a rich girl as a result of the interpreting of your dream


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