Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook - the Annoying Contacts

We all have them; the annoying contacts. They are annoying in several different ways, and most of them are not that bad all the time. We are all probably an annoying contact to someone else, at one point or another.
I wrote about Farmtown. a while ago, but people on Facebook itself can be pretty frustrating too!

  • People who use "cutsie-speak". Often seen on comments on photos and goes along the lines of "ooooh u r soo pretty!!", "prettiiiiieessstt!!", "no ur so hoottt!", "no u r!", "ur the beessttt!!". Yes, it was a nice photo of a beautiful girl, but what happens with people's language when they see something pretty? Do people automatically revert back to being 14, or is it like when people see babies? We all know how that works. 
    • People whose status updates only revolve around 1) how drunk they were last weekend, and 2) how drunk they are planning to get next weekend. It's fine being enthusiastic, I love that. But when you're in your mid twenties and all you write is "I was soo wasted, dunno how I got home! should I drink again tomorrow?" But I suppose it does says something about your state of mind when most of your friends and the people who comment are very young teenage girls, a decade or more younger than you.
    • People fishing for comments with status updates like "oh crap, it happened again!", "yay, it's finally here - soo excited to try it!", "only 24 days left till it's ready!". I'd never thought of this before someone else mentioned it annoyed them, and now I can't stand it! 
    • People who post certain "chain status updates", those that start or end with things like; "90% of people won't post this, do you have the guts?", "Show people you love your mother/father/sister/whoever by posting this, if you don't, they'll know you don't!", "Only 1% of people will copy this, do you just want to be like all the rest or cool like us?". I bet they're the same people who forward chain emails saying "If you don't pass this on you'll die/if you do you'll have good luck". And the sad thing.. have you noticed they're all adults who should know way better? 
    • People who join "Profile Spy", "ProfileChecker", "Profile-whatever" groups. They don't work, won't you get that into your head already?? 
    • People who join or make groups that tell you Facebook will change something, give you something for free, delete your account, publish your photos, make your profile public, etc. if you do/do not join. Because of course Facebook would ban all its users unless they joined a group 17 year old Jonah Mitchell from Ohio created, that makes perfect sense!
    • People who take "invite all your friends to join, otherwise the application won't work" literally. 
    • People who suggest friends for me who I have never met. 
    • Facebook itself suggesting friends from my entire gmail account. It is slightly odd having suggested professors, lecturers, random people I do not remember, employees in online stores and the entire board of directors of the student organization in Bergen as my friends.

     Do I realize I sound like a grumpy old bitch here? Totally! Just read it with a sense of humour.

    Because I annoy people too. Maybe more than they annoy me. I just try not to do it on Facebook, which spreads everything you do out to the front page of all your hundreds of contacts. That's annoying!

    Think twice next time you come across a group which insists you invite all your friends, tells you Facebook will start charging money, or will allow you to see who visits your profile. Chances are you will simply fall victim to a prank by an attention seeking teenager who understands just how easily people can be fooled.


    1. A lot of this migrated in from the MySpace crowd. Everyone couldn't say enough about how awesome Facebook was, compared to it's predecessor.

      Nevermind now, how everyone wants to turn it into the same shithole they just migrated from.

      Social networking needn't be tedious. I'm curious as to why people need to make it so.

    2. That's the reason I don't use Facebook anymore. all these people thinking you wanna be friends just because they know your full name ... pfft.

    3. Geoff - Myspace... yeah I guess I should be happy as long as Facebook doesn't allow us make our profiles pink with green font and music/vids that play automatically as you enter.. I never did like Myspace much.

      Wilmaryad - I guess we all have different criteria for adding someone as a friend. I've had requests I've declined and others I've been unsure about. And I know I've added people who wouldn't have thought to add me.. I just hope they have the guts to decline the request if they want nothing to do with me ;)

    4. Love your site chic!! Thanks for visiting mine and sharing your story!!

      Facebook can be an awesome networking tool if used as such. I haven't gotten into the games, because they're a total waste of time. I do however join groups and have created a few for networking purposes and to promote my brand.

    5. I have, recently, created a Facebook fan page for my blog and it seems to be the most stress-free way for me to use that website. People are kind enough to become fans or befriend me to see my content in its entirety, but no pressure. :)

    6. Anonymous12:17 AM

      honestly, i asked myself one day, "are all of these 200+ people REAL friends, or just acquaintances?"

      now i have 35 REAL friends on facebook.


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