Monday, November 02, 2009


I've been playing Farmtown on Facebook for a while. I don't know why, I get absolutely nothing out of it, but I guess it's just one of those things.

Although an excellent way to waste time, there are a few things about Farmtown that are quite annoying - and you'll probably agree with me on this if you've played it yourself. Unless you're one of those people who do these things, in which case - STOP doing them!!

  1. Beggars.
    In the chatroom; "hire meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to wrkkkkkkkk!!!!" or somthing like
    Over and over.
    And over.

  2. People who hire too many workers.
    Imagine you're babysitting the neighbours' two kids. When you show up you're alone, but within the next few minutes, half a dozen other babysitters show up. The parents have hired all of you, and you have to share the money. You can choose to go home and earn nothing, or stay and earn a little. You all end up getting annoyed with each other.

  3. Workers who step on your toes or follow you around when harvesting/plowing.
    You're in a parking garage. It's practically empty, plenty of spots all around. As you've parked your car and are about to open the door, another car comes by. For no apparent reason it pulls up right next to you, so close you can barely open the door. If you ask why, the driver of the other car gets pissy and tells you to shut up.

  4. People who hire others without having work to do.
    This time you're a plumber. You get a call from someone who needs your help, you drive to their place (after waiting the apropriate amount of time, your being a plumber and all). When you get there you realize they either aren't there, or they don't need your help. If you ask why they hired you, they get pissy and tell you to shut up.

  5. People who have a weird relationship with their trees.
    You're a housekeeper. You're hired to clean someone's apartment. You do your thing, spend some time, collect your pay. They then start screaming at you, and telling the whole town not to hire you, because you dared tidy up their kitchen! They never told you to clean the kitchen, how dare you?!? Did they tell you to do the whole house but the kitchen? Nope.

Now... you may wonder why I play this game when there are so many things that annoy me. Truth be told, I wonder the same myself...

But honestly - these things.. they're not my problem.
The problem is everybody else ;)

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  1. HI! dropping by!
    have a nice day!!
    god bless n take care!

    I stop playing farmtown, its getting a lil too boring, i used to play farm ville too..


  2. omg i totally dig farm town too. i think that the reason y i keep going at it (despite knowing all too well what a waste of time it is), is perhaps bcoz i juz wanna unlock all those items ;)

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    You're a plumber?

  4. No I'm not a plumber - my shoes aren't big enough!


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