Monday, November 16, 2009

Return to Chat

Some times I dare venture back onto chat. It's weird how the older I get, the fewer people talk to me. Or maybe that's not weird at all...

I never quite get used to typing a new number when someone asks how old I am. I'm still stuck at 19 in chat, I've been mostly a stranger to it since then.

Today a guy was getting annoying, as they tend to get, and it ended like this;

apples: I guess that's bye bye to you
Sag: fuck off
Sag: :)
Sag: you are sick

I don't think I've ever got a smiley face between the "fuck" and the "sick" before...


  1. owwww, that's sad... don't worry try chatting to another one those that do not spew text like that... hahahah! see you back in my blog. glad to have a virtual friend from other side of the world.

  2. Yeah... worrying wasn't really first on my list of things to do but thanks anyway :P


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