Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Guy With The Latex Sheets

A couple years ago I was at work at the mall in Bergen. I walked past some guys, one had a microphone in his hand and wondered if he could ask me some questions. I didn't have the time, I had to hurry back to work.

I walked up the stairs and the guy came running after me. He seemed nice, if a little pushy and a bit older than me. His microphone was shoved in his back pocket. When we got to the shop he said he needed some help. He was looking for sheets, you see.

Sheets. Right. We had plenty of those. He asked if we had any in latex.
"You know, because things can get a bit messy sometimes" *wink wink*. Yeah... no sorry, we didn't have any of those. At that, he made a flirty comment I can no longer remember, and left.

I thought of that guy again today when I was reading a post on a Norwegian blog about sex toys, body paint, massage oil and the like. The oil always seemed so messy to me - how do you manage to play around with the sticky stuff without leaving stains all over? The solution may be getting a latex sheet.

It is kinda hard to be spontaneous if you have to change the sheets before you start though... anybody got any better ideas?

As for the guy, I saw him again a week later. He was jogging past the building where I lived as I came outside. He stopped fifty yards up the road, just outside the window of the apartment, bent down and fiddled with his shoes until I'd passed him, which was when I recognized him.

I'm sure if he lived in the neighbourhood I'd seen him many times before.. it only took a microphone and a few comments about latex sheets for me to notice him (I wouldn't recommend that as a pick up line though, it probably won't have the desired effect!).

Or who knows, maybe he was a secret agent spying on me from the place I worked and outside the apartment. He probably had a tiny camera and binoculars with him, and there's a thick dossier on me on someone's desk somewhere...

A jogging latex spy.
I like!


  1. hehehe maybe he was a secret agent like u said :)

  2. That gives a whole new meaning to "Rubbermaid."

  3. and may be he is thinking same way about u ,nice blog you got here and writing is really cool god bless

  4. Aulawi Ahmad - You never know!

    Geoff - Looks kinda hot in the red though.. strategically placed zipper and all :P

    baili - That I like latex sheets or that I'm a spy too? :/


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