Friday, February 26, 2010

Sportscheck's one-eyed Adidas monster

German sporting goods store Sportscheck's newest advertising strategy consists of showing as much as possible of their models to increase attention and sales. So they put this guy in a little blue Adidas thing.

Unfortunately, they didn't think he was showing quite enough so they decided to let some more of him peek out.

Whether this bold new tactic was aimed at the girls or the guys is hard to say - either way, they have received quite a lot of attention the past few days. But naturally they claim it wasn't planned, that it wasn't an accident, right?

Actually, they've refused to comment on it at all according to Norwegian newspaper VG.

All I can say is.. although it is a little hard to take your eyes off it (which probably means their strategy worked), I'm glad most guys have smaller dicks than that one! Can you imagine seeing little one-eyed monsters peeking out at you like that whenever you go to the beach?

Guys, wear shorts, Please!


  1. The messages is clearly:

    "The guys with big dicks wear Adidas!"


    "Are you a middle-aged tanned guy?, your semi-hard will look good at the beach in Adidas" :P

  2. Yeah you can't exactly blame them for being subtle :P

    What about;

    "You never knew how big your dick could look until you tried Adidas!"

  3. I, once, saw a crazy guy wearing a similar speedo on the beach. I kid you not, half of his penis was visible. He truly was hung like crazy! :p

  4. This is hilarious. Great photo for a topic of discussion. I agree with you, men should wear shorts and keep the mystery.


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