Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today, September 22nd, the day and the night are just as long all over the globe. From tomorrow on, it'll get darker in the north and lighter in the south. In the north of Europe, Canada and areas along those latitudes, it will get dark half an hour earlier in the evening in just two weeks. And it will stay dark for half an hour longer every morning.

Us Norwegians have a long, dark winter ahead of us. Where I live, in this area of our little town, the sun disappears completely for almost four months. We'll see it on the mountaintops but it won't reach us between November and February. It'll be cold and dark.. very dark.

But... on the bright side (and I could sure use a bright side now), we'll have snow making our world soft and white. We'll see the millions of stars again, and hopefully the aurora borealis; the northern lights, making the sky seem alive. We'll have scarves and mittens, and soon it will be Christmas. We'll have candles again.

Winter can be beautiful.. it just lasts way too long.


  1. Of course, if you're not careful, you could go to bed one night, and the next morning wake up four months pregnant ;)

  2. Would I at least get to enjoy the impregnation, or would I sleep through that too? :O


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