Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Election '09

For the first time I don't know which party to vote for.

I decided to take a bunch of tests offered by the various newspapers and TV-networks to see what they say. There were seven in total, I got four different results.

Four of them tell me I should vote for the Centre Party.
One for the Labour Party
One for the Socialist Left Party
One for the Christian Democratic Party

(I choose to ignore that last result since something clearly went wrong there...)

Now... should I simply vote for the Centre Party since that's what most of the tests said? The party was among the top three in all seven tests (most included the seven largest parties in Norway) so clearly I agree with most of what they say.

A few things do make me question the results though.
  • First off, a party which was among the top four in all but one test was rated in one as the party I have least in common with.
  • Although the results are similar they are not identical - clearly the various tests are focusing on different things; how do I know which one focuses on what is more important for me?
  • The tests show very different results as to how the general population should vote.
  • In the only test which included the party Red, it was listed just below the overall winner - the Centre Party, the rating being almost identical. This clearly indicates my results would have been different had that party been included in the other tests.

Seems like I should check out the party Red some more after all. If you're gonna do it, do it right. So if I'm gonna go way left, go waay left this time. And for some reason I'm reluctant to vote for the Centre Party..

Now, why am I writing all this, when it's not of any particular interest to anyone? Simply to share my confusion, frustrations, and (in the case of you Norwegians) - the links to the tests;


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