Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Battle of the Faraway Kingdom

The brave Reds led by their knight in shining armour Stoltenberg won the battle yesterday, preventing the evil Progress Party and its leader (described by The Times as a "self-styled Viking Margaret Thatcher") from seizing the power in The Faraway Kingdom.

In a time when all its neighbours have succumbed to the the dark forces, this little kingdom still resists. Rather than falling for the trickery and deceit of the feared Jensen of the Dark Blue, the people have prevailed against it.

Heavy losses were reported throughout the night. The court jester, facing ridicule from the Blue, found himself abandoned by his allies and will be missed by all.

The Red is now expected to keep the Blue at bay for some time.


  1. OK, given that in the UK, "blue" refers to right-of-centre, and "red" to left of centre, but in the US, it's the other way around. Therefore I have no idea whether your new government is liberal or conservative in its leanings...

  2. I know, I just couldn't fit in "liberal" and "conservative" in that thing :P

    I consider the conservatives to be the "dark forces" wherever they are, so in this case the Blue are the conservatives trying to take over the country. Fortunately, they failed.

    Red is liberal, blue conservative - just like the UK.


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