Monday, April 20, 2009

Sleeping in Airports & The Golden Pillow

The site lets people review airports, judging them by how pleasant (or unpleasant) sleeping there is.

I've only slept at one airport, Gardermoen, a couple days before Christmas last year and it was not pleasant. The worst part was the cold and the wind when some doors opened and closed, then got stuck open most of the night.

Still, Oslo Airport Gardermoen ranks in the top ten of all reviewed airports which makes me never want to spend the night at an airport again.

Except maybe Singapore (free internet, free movie theater, free massage (VIP?))

Like Singapore, Gardermoen has received a Golden Pillow award and perhaps reviewer Alex has found the explanation why;

"Gardermoen is better than most
of the hotels I have been sleeping
in!! even got a blowjob!"

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