Friday, April 17, 2009

Electronic dead zone

I love electronics devices; I adore my camera, I couldn't live without a PC and life without music seems rather dull (especially when walking across the bridge).

At the same time I love being away from all these things that tie me up and attach me to this modern world of ours. It's a love-exhaustion kind of relationship.

But why is it they don't like me?
  • Old laptop: sounds like a hairdryer from the 70s, crashes constantly - and that's only if I'm lucky enough to get it on.
  • Eee: Broken. Nuff said.
  • TV: Got a new one almost two years ago after the old one died. This one now goes black and white at times and has weird stripes flickering across the screen.
  • Stereo: Won't play CDs anymore. Radio and speakers work fine.
  • MP3 player: Alright, my bad -I dropped it in the toilet (I know, I know). It worked for a while before it crashed completely.
  • Camera: Was messed up a few months ago. Got better, then worse. Everything goes black and purple. Can't take pictures anymore.

Am I sending out evil death rays or do electronic devices just not like me?


  1. How old are you to own a laptop from 70s? Ohh my God, after the girl named chim a norwegian, you are also old. You norwegian girls always tell lies about your ages.

  2. Yeah, you got me.

    I'm one of those people who lie about their age to hide the fact that they owned a laptop with a functioning wireless connection in the 70s.


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